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Who is Mercadies?

Hi! I’m Mercadies Damratowksi, I am a Kearney native running for Kearney City Council for the 2022 election cycle!

A little bit about me:

I graduated from Kearney High in 2009. (feels like a lifetime ago) While in school I was highly active within clubs and organizations, including KHS marching band leadership, president of Skills USA, and I also helped establish the Kearney High bowling team!

In addition to a busy school life in leadership, I grew up in my mothers nail salon. I would “baby sit the tanning beds”, make sales, and do my homework. She opened in 2001, and closed in 2010 (Palatial nails) My mother taught me how to manage a business, and that lead me to where I am today. without her and this community that supported “the single mother” I wouldn’t be here where I am today. Thank you Kearney.

After graduation, I went to Northeast Community College at Norfolk, where I graduated with my welding certificates and diploma. I have spent most of my adult life welding, bartending, serving food, and cooking all over the eastern part of the state (Norfolk, Niobrara, Grand Island, and Columbus)

I currently split time bartending and raising my daughter Cora. I also am currently the Chair of the Tri-Cities Libertarian Party of Nebraska. I am active in the community in advocating for better mental health access, police and criminal justice reform, and better conditions for our low income housing assistance recipients, to name a few.

At this time donate to the Kearney Jubilee, Kearney Crossroads mission, and the S.A.F.E center, or if you would like to donate to the cause please click here.

Thank you and remember to Vote Mercadies. check social media for live updates!

With peace and love,

Mercadies Damratowski